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For You

Here, we offer you the tools, resources from external sources, our own publications in the hope of furthering your work and increasing your impact, and events in the field. In turn, we invite you to share with us. 

You will find:

  • Tools - practical templates, checklists, guides, worksheets, and organizational assessments developed by jdcPartnerships and others to support your daily efforts
  • Resources - journal articles, blog posts, and links to materials from the field we hope will provoke your thinking and exploration of theory and practice
  • Learning Opportunities - a calendar of events in the field including workshops and webinars hosted by organizations we endorse and events at which jdcP will be present. 

To learn more about how we partner with clients to develop materials that work in their organizations and inform the broader field, please email us at info@jdcpartnerships.com or call 415.482.7839.