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jdcP Introductory Webinars

One-hour webinars present tools, frameworks or concepts that have immediate implications for how individuals/organizations think about and engage systematically with data and information in service of impact.

Impact of Intention

Participants in this 3-part webinar series  (60 mins) will be able to a) identify where their organization is currently on the evaluative path b) identify where their organization needs to go next on the evaluative path and c) determine next appropriate steps to move forward. Read more.

Get Ready For and Find The RIGHT Evaluator for YOUR Organization    

When it comes to evaluation one size does not fit all .The aim of this webinar is to enable participants to get ready to conduct an evaluation and to identify and articulate their evaluation needs. Read more.

Evaluation As A Tool For Equity  

This webinar seeks to open a discussion of how organizations can use an equitable-evaluation approach and build their capacity to do so. Read more.

Make The Most of Your Story    

This session introduces a framework that supports elevation of stories as data so they cab be better leveraged and inspire action. Read more.

All webinars are grounded in real world situations and pay attention to organizational context. We consider culture as well as adult learning principles in the design of our offerings.