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Your jdcP Workshops Team

Jara Dean-Coffey

Nothing makes Jara happier then when a client partner has an ah-ha moment. This suggests that something has resonated (perhaps new or perhaps forgotten) which changes the way they are thinking and will move forward. With more then 20+ years of experience working with leaders in philanthropic, social and public sectors, she has figured out how to create safe and fun places for people to have those moments. This includes customized trainings for foundation cohorts, internal capacity building for consulting clients, webinars and speaking engagements, as well as one on one conversations.  And because change and learning takes time and must be adapted to context culture, practical tools which can evolve over time are developed to support practice, continued learning and effectiveness.  

Jara holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a BA in Communications and Political Science from Temple University, and a certificate in Organizational Development and Evaluation from Fielding Graduate University. She serves on the Advisory Body of the Center for Evaluation Innovation in Washington, DC.

Jill Casey

Introduced to evaluation as program staff in a participatory evaluation process, Jill found a career that joined her commitment to social justice and equity with her love of analysis. Entering the field as she did, Jill is especially attuned to making connections between evaluative practices and daily work clear. She looks for opportunities for clients to experience the benefits of evaluative practice early and often. With nearly 20 years experience, her desire to share the tools of the trade grows from knowing their impact in the hands of those driving the efforts to improve people’s lives.

Prior to jdcPartnerships, Jill held positions with Torres Consulting Group and Developmental Studies Center. Jill received a BS degree in Political Science from Arizona State University. She serves on the Board of Directors of DataCenter in Oakland, Calif.

Rocele Estanislo

When Rocele prepares to design and lead a training or facilitate a meeting, each session is tailored based on who is at the table. This means spending time building rapport and understanding who they are and what they bring to the session.  This results in engagements during which meaningful and honest conversations about the strengths and needs of an organization and the individuals within. Rocele has designed and facilitated nonprofit learning exchanges focused on sharing evaluations tools as well as accomplishments and struggles with integrating evaluative practices within organizations.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the social and philanthropic sector, Rocele has been involved in efforts to streamline process workflows and launch online applications including surveys, grant applications, and grant reports. Her additional skill set includes facilitating a change process, aligning a data structure to program priorities, training staff on data systems, and producing data visualizations. Rocele has had positions with The California Wellness Foundation, Los Angeles Universal Preschool and has also worked with First 5 LA, First 5 Monterey, and other community organizations.

Rocele holds an MA in Organizational Behavior and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University and a BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University. She serves on the steering committee of the Los Angeles chapter of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.