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jdcP Immersion Workshops

Half day to full day on-site workshops for teams and cohorts to support skill building through hands-on application of tools, frameworks and concepts to your situation and context.  They are often accompanied with an annotated version of the presentation as well as reference materials which support on-going internal practice and integration post session.

Want More From Evaluation? Adopt These 5 Practices.

This workshop is designed to elevate evaluative thinking within an organization. Participants learn the difference between doing evaluation and being evaluative, which is the starting point for charting a course forward on your organization's evaluative path. Read more.

I am committed to continuing the conversation with Board, staff, local chapters about the importance and how to institutionalize evaluation within our organization. These two sessions have effectively contributed to my understanding, reflection, and articulation with members and staff regarding the evaluation process. Thank you!!

Set Up Your Programs for Success (You Can Prove)

As program leaders know, every program is different both in terms of its objectives and delivery. Even within the same organization, different programs may require separate models. At the same time, separate models need to align in support of overall organizational strategy. This workshop provides program staff with an understanding of the modeling tools available including theories of change and logic models. Read more.

"Thoughtful and insightful. Made Information really accessible."

Do You Want To Strengthen Connection Among Programs? These Six Tools Can Help

This workshop is for organizations who want to explore and improve alignment from top-to-bottom, centered around impact. Participants will walk through 6 steps each of which is an opportunity to assess current clarity and alignment and next steps that can be taken to improve. Read more.

Tell Stories to Convey Impact and Inspire Action

Stories are most powerful when they tap in to emotions that inspire action. Participants in this workshop will learn how to effectively tell the story of your organization and its programs in order to demonstrate impact to funders, donors, and community members and compel action. Read more.

"All of it was useful. It was hands on and achievable and we left with realistic changes we can make"
"All the parts were useful. They built on one another."
"Awesome and informative lecture. Learned a lot! Speaker was excellent. Will definitely take back what I learned to my organization."

Better Determine, Describe, Document, and Demonstrate the Difference You Make

Even with abundant data available, many organizations struggle with how to use data to inform strategy and foster organizational learning that increase impact.  This is a unique opportunity to discuss what it means for an organization to be "evaluative." learning what works from the literature as well as each other.  It provides a space to discuss common challenges on the path to becoming evaluative - from resistance from internal leadership to pressure from external partners. Read more.

"Awesome! Probably the overall best and most useful part of the event for me."

All workshops are grounded in real world situations and pay attention to organizational context. We consider culture as well as adult learning principles in the design of our offerings.