better questions, better information, better decisions

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to do a better job of both understanding and demonstrating the impact of your work but don’t know where or how to start.
  • Maybe you think evaluation is poppycock and you just want to be left to do what you do?  (PS, not likely to happen)
  • You are frustrated by the difficulty by which you can get useful information from your grants management system
  • You are tired of working with evaluation consultants you feel don’t get you or you don’t get.
  • Perhaps you think all this talk about measurement and analytics is missing the point.

We have been thinking about you.  We have something for you.

jdcPartnerships strengthens the ability of individuals/organizations to determine and utilize the information most needed and appropriate to inform decisions and take actions that demonstrate and support impact. Our workshops come in three formats: Introductory Webinars, Immersion Workshops, and Custom Workshops.

Our Commitment

Through our workshops, you will   

  • Better understand and be able to tell the story of your impact, for yourself and others
  • Become critical consumers and users of resources and approaches that speak to impact (i.e., RBA, RCT, SROI, performance measurement/management, etc.);
  • Create and nurture an internal culture in which impact is held central in actions and decisions at the individual and organization level;
  • Leverage internal and external resources in service of your mission;
  • Be a stronger partner when engaged in evaluation and other related efforts; and
  • Advocate for yourself and your colleagues in the measurement/impact debate by being able to offer tools and experience that work.

Be a better user, consumer, funder, and advocate of data and information.